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Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
Yeah I agree with alexh why get the gp2x when you can have slower amiga emulation on a more expensive device with a blury crap screen, Oh and you can also have terrible MAME emulation if you get the psp.

Gp2x has 64meg and tv out for the last two years by the way...

Back on topic: The arm asm cyclone m68k core really has boosted this emus speed through the roof.
Not to mention that with the GP2X it's a case of "drag and drop emulation", whereas with the PSP you have to find a custom OS, downgrade, upgrade, then try to decide whether or not you want to play a new game, or keep your emulators...

An open-source handheld running linux, accessible to anyone that cares to write for it? How can you not want that?

Mind you, the "spritual successor" to the GP2x, designed and built by the leaders of the 2x community may well be on the way by christmas. The currently leaked specs are rather tasty, and make the PSP look quite, quite weak.

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