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LOL!!! I love it!

My first Amiga games were 3D Pool and Hard N' Heavy. I dug both of them, but Hard N' Heavy blew me away with it's sexy music and shiny graphics. I might possibly have played the PD game Tumbling Tots before that, but it didn't have quite the same imapct as HnH!

On the PC...this one is pretty bad. It was Wheel of Fortune. On an XT with Hercules graphics. CGA was the big thing then, but I was impressed with neither. I only used it to get away from studying DBase III+ homework, which was equally abysmal. During my Amiga days, I played the PC version of Star Goose, which was OKish for a PC (I didn't have the Amiga version then). Local PC pirates kept showing me the latest VGA games and I thought they were all crap. Still do. Jazz Jackrabbit was the only time I saw a game on the PC that appealed to me. And it was clearly designed to look like an Amiga game.
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