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Hmmm, just checked through a few e-mails I recieved back from members who I've sent the SNES DVD to...

Here's an interesting one from Haps, hopefully he doesn't mind me posting this:

Originally Posted by haps
Just letting you know that the DVD arrived today. Thanks very much. I wiped my only windows machine over the weekend to do some experimenting building a minimal NetBSD system to run euae (I run Linux on my desktop and a mixture of Linux/OpenBSD/NetBSD on my other machines), but I checked it out in VMWare (no go with wine).

You've done an excellent job. My mate Dave was here when I loaded it up in VMWare and he has already hit me up for a copy.
Looks like haps was also unable to get this running via Wine

Maybe you should give it a bash in VMWare instead
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