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Well, so much for PCs, I hust wrote an excellent reply and the fuckwit locked up, taking it down with it. Can't wait to configure my 1200 for net access...

Anyway, what has been said is fine. Galahad's advice is great (that 1200 was a nice catch, Galahad!).I nabbed my 1200 this friday for 150 dollars, and it came with an 030@50, 32MB of Fast RAM, 1GB HD, couple dozen disks, a Roclite external diskdrive, and lots of other things.

There are advantages, like everyone said here. It just doesn't feel right to emulate (to me). And hey, nothing betas having the actual thing running there. Some people dont understand this, that's why they always keep asking me why I buy original games (amiga or others), when I can download them off the net. It's just not the same

If you can find a bargain, nab it. It will be terrific on your TV

BTW space is no concern, an A1200 takes much less space than a PC does

"Nothing beats the Real Thing!"©
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