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Nice thread. :thumbs_up
Hewson (renamed to 21st Century Entertainment) were able to stay in business because of this one game....... not many titles can do that [...]
:eek :eek
Now you got me dumbfounded! :eek
HEWSON = 21st Century Entertainment?!
Hell yeah, I should read more 'General discussion' threads, I'm afraid...:hooooo
Well I didn't know that.
As we are here: does the real name of Animal happen to be Andreas Axelsson? That was the name that appeared in the credits of Pinball Dreams...just for personal interest.

For the record: there's also an Andreas Axelsson in the WinFellow team, but this is not the same guy (verified). Well he once told that in Sweden, this name appears as often as "Peter Smith" in the US

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