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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Thats hilarious!!!!

but personally i think he has a badge for every fictious position in his fictious company!

what has me aching with pain and torment (like a loose tooth) is how anyone can expect ANYTHING from A(_._).ST-inc. Its just like an official to state well we had a general idea of the past of but we were hopefull of the future for this company... okay... lets look at this.. how the hell can you expect that after all

Amino... same scumm in charge (washington) .... same fucktards in charge...
KMOS.... same numpties in charge....
Amiga.Inc (delaware).... same !"£"$% in charge.... who knows... but i bet it will be the same in charge.

you know guys (and girls) "and Ironclaw", i am begining to suspect something.
Amiga inc, with its 79 employees world wide (wich was substantially less than a year ago) have manage to produce... absolutlely nothing... infact... other than a complete media circus.... there should be a law agaisnt it LOL.

On another matter Kents city council should seriously be taken in hand, well atleast the mayor for all the pomp and false fanfare... I seriously believe that had it not of been for the concerend amigan, the city of Kent would of been fleeced out of a convention center!
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