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Real v Emulator

There is a market for both, and it all depends on what you want to do.

Me personally, I don't use Amiga emulators, its nothing personal, but I like to know what the cause of a bug in a game is, I can narrow it down on a real Amiga, on an emulator, it might be nothing to do with the software.

I also seem to like just about every game/demo that the emulators suck at. Again, its nothing against the emulator writers, but the Amiga, is still a powerful machine with its multi-processor environment, people are still producing games and demos on a system that is allegedly way underpowered in comparison to todays PC standards, but that doesn't stop people coding marvels.

Age of the machine is irrelevant, the PC is knocking on for 30 years old, and no-one is pensioning that off yet!

I picked up a Amiga A12oo Tower system with a 68o6o, 64 Meg of ram, 2x 4 Gig hard drives, 48Speed CD drive, pc keyboard, Packard Bell Monitor, with speakers, Loads of originals, loads of coverdisks, Catweasel PC HD drive, and a spare A12oo to go with it...... that little lot cost me £180.... I still have the receipt for the o6o card which cost three times that amount......

...if some idiot is stupid enough to sell a system like that, chances are there is some other stupid idiot that will as well...... Have the best of both worlds, an Emulator is ok, a system like the one above needs to be owned.
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