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Oh noes!
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Hmm, isn't there an old thread about this? anyways

Dosbox Ultima, EOTB, full Mt32 support, sbpro.. It's worth some €500 in hardware setup but runs better.

AdvanceMAME - Running great in my arcade cab. Such a cool concept to even emulate a 15hz output of the original arcade screen. Ran my neo-geo next to it and couldn't see any difference. Even the bios boot crap was the same.

NebulaModel 2 - Daaaytooonaaaaaaa, sega rally championship (new in this edition)

winUAE - Great a500 emulation, but will only run on my XP system :/ I'd love 15hz support, nix and all the updates.

VMware - compile, swap environment, get files, get back.. in under 30 seconds. OK, not really emlulation, but close enough.

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