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recorder issues..


i'm tomasz, author of the fp app :]..

i guess i could be able to help you a little in here.

basically the fact that FP displays this information not neccessarily means there is a problem preventing FP from working. let me explain.

most of the recorders have evolved together with the communication standard. the recorders that have emerged recently are most often using mature code that is scsi compliant. the older ones miss certain functionalities

fryingpan basically will display this requester, when drive tells us it is ready for action, but all actions seem to be failing. an example is no disc in tray. as a result, it is very hard to detect disc changes and such, so to get the most recent data you still need to press 'update' before you start recording the disc, or else it will just go wrong. there is a couple of reasons why i don't do it by myself.

to see if the fryingpan supports your recorder I suggest doing the following test:
- empty your drive tray,
- launch fp,
- insert a re-writable disc in drive,
- go to 'media' page and click update (the disc information should be updated, although you may not get all of them)
- click 'prepare disc for write'. if this fails, fryingpan will not be able to blank discs for you
- add one data and one audio track to "data/audio tracks" page (small iso and short mp3 or wav would do)
- deselect (clear) 'masterize' and select 'finalize' (close disc)
- click write. fryingpan should start recording scrambled data to your disc. if it does not - it may not be able to record the discs for you.
- when writing completes, go to 'media' page and click 'update'. details about your disc should be updated (because it worked before)
- check the 'contents page' - it should show one data and one audio track

the files recorded to your disc will not be useful - because every now and then fryingpan scrambles the data (this is a desired operation for unregistered users).

if any of the steps fail, i could still be able to resolve the problem, but you will have to install the 'debug' version for me and collect the logs (it takes as much as the installation of the software and performing the same operations as the few mentioned above). the logs will be collected in your RAM: drive.

hope this helps,
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