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Originally posted by RocketMack
I needed an A500 for this, an A2000 for that...
Thatīs not completely true I have an A2000 here with Kick1.3, an autoboot HD Controller and two floppys with 1 Meg Chip and 2 Meg Fast ! This Baby is more compatible for old games then any A500 out there And if I want to have it fast, Iīll just turn a switch and at the next boot I got a 040/40Mhz. with SCSI-II Burner and a 4 Gig HD with OS 3.9 and an gfx-card

I only need these two configs (choosable with ONE switch) to get 99.9% off ALL software (old and new) to run on the real thing ! Just imagine how many hours of configuring and testing will be needed to get this amount of software to run on any Emu out there .....

@Ian : go and buy the real thing ! You wonīt regret it !
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