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I would just like to thank BK for his efforts through all the flaming, bitching and moaning he quietly released the best version of WinUAE ever IMO (0.8.17r3)

And we all know Toni has been really active in the WinUAE hierarchy for some time now, after all I think he is personally responsible for emulating the AGA chipset (Might be wrong but I think it's all his work)

And I would also use this opportunity to say to all member's, although Toni is a member here the Official UAE board is where all bug's should be reported. I'm sure we don't want Toni to leave this forum because he's constantly being told "Fix this" or "You've added this and now that doesn't work" like people do on the Official board with BK (and probably now Toni)

I'm not Toni, but if I were this sort of thing would put me right off coming here.

I'm sure if Toni wishes to use this forum for posting bug's and other such stuff, RCK could easily add a section just for that (Like the WinFellow section), leaving Toni to get on with normal business in the other section's of this forum

Anyway, this is my two cent's, hopefully Toni will clarify what HE want's to happen in the upcoming day's.
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