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Arrow The Gamesplayer Theory

Okay, I have a theory about gamesplayers which can cause some disagreement.
Generally there are two kinds of gamesplayers: the ones who love to play a quick game for a few hours which require quick reflexes. The other type of players are the ones who like to play a complex intense game which requires some thinking and they play them for many, many hours.
The Pinball games definitely fall in the first category. They are easy to get into and you can play them many times without getting bored.

Generally I prefer these easy-to-get-into games. Think about Tetris, Bust-a-Move, and many shoot-'em ups. They do not require heavy thinking and you can play them at any time of day in any mood. That is why I am not a big fan of adventure games and 99% of the RPG's that crowd the PC nowadays. You really have to free up time to start playing these type of games.
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