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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
Sorry, let me rephrase

I understand that all are all buggy but could you provide the details of the only version that could be completed i.e.

...or am I missing something
Umm i will try to explain a little better.

What i meant was when level 12 loaded, it could of loaded 5 layouts of that level. Each layout of the level looked the same but the item placements where different. And only one of the level layout could be completed. What layout loaded of the level seemed random. So in each ADF file i tried you just had to keep restarting the level till you got the right one. Not one ADF loaded the right level everytime.

This happened with every version of the game, same with the docotor glitch.

In short -
1.Every version of the game the bugs where the same.
2. When level 12 loaded it could of given you any 1 of 5 versions of that level.

Im really not good at explained -_-
each version if you kept reseting till you could the right level layout it could be completed. However the doctor glitch makes staying alive impossible without a health cheat!
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