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Should James Pond be added as a longplay on RAG??

we have decided to let you people decide!

The thing Is I made a longplay for RAG ( but since i had to cheat on the last level its not sure if this should be added or not.

All the versions of this game i got my hands on had glitches! Level 11 had two versions so i had to keep reloading till i got the right one. Only one version could be completed.

THe main problem is level 12. It had 5 versions only one could be completed and also the doctor that followed you around glitches so he appeared like 10x. He normally follows you and appears in the place you where about 5 seconds ago. So 10+ doctors all in different places...makes it impossible to stay still without him being on top of you ¬_¬...and level 12 you need to wait to pass the pipes and stop to put items in your home. You touch doctor its death in like 1 second...5 lives max. So normally i place item in home BAM he is there i die...and so on.

SOo in my eyes this makes level 12 impossible to complete without cheats. I used the invincible cheat on the last level and only thing level. First 11 levels no cheats used. So should the game be put in the longplay bit or be thrown in the crappy misc section?

Though i do remember one time i tried level 12 the doctor wasn't glitched..but i couldnt do that again...and even if it did its still only a 1/5 chance of me having the right version of the level

EDIT- and of course this info is in my comments with the longplay!!

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