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A while back we bought an A2000 with a Toaster in it for the TV station. I thought "Wow, here's my chance to re-live my old Amiga days!" It was a novelty at first. I pulled out all my old software thinking it would be a blast. Wrong. Some of disks worked, but then the reality of operating system requirements came back to haunt me. Early versions of games and disks that I had compiled wouldn't even load. I needed an A500 for this, an A2000 for that...

My point is that with an emulator you can have any system you want with the push of a button. Your software is on the hard disk in nice, neat folders. You don't need another corner of the room taken up for hardware and software, cables and electrical domination, not to mention the cost of all this.

I'm sure you have interests in other systems, too. We all do. But it would be hard to have a sega, super nintendo, intellivision, Coco computer, TI-99 or even a coin-op machine (MAME solves this) sitting in your computer space.

Emulation is the future. Old systems are just that. Old. They wear out. So does the original software. Emulators are already faster, easier to use and less expensive than the real thing. They will just get better...

Don't get me wrong. I miss the feel of my old system and the wonderful memories that went with it. It's just not practical, though, to try and set up so much archaic hardware when we're this close to true emulation. A year ago I wouldn't have said this and just think of what the near future will bring.

It's nice to get all your old software converted over to adf files, but once you do your "real Amiga" would probably collect dust. Better to find someone who will do it for you in trade or something. I'd like to see a commercial service that converts all software and carts to emulator compatible files. I'd pay to get mine done.

That old A2000 sits at the station and makes a commercial once in a while. I'll take my emulator...

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