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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
What exactly do you mean here? A slow down?
exactly as i say... it is un-responsive.

sometimes you tap up/down and it doesnt move. maybe 85% of the time it works fine.

its the same on real a1200 and on winuae.

Can you post the configuration for that very layout?
Bippy has it, and already compiled the last version with mentioned layout. it was imho 200 times better than the Thomas the Tank Engine layout!

if you *insist* on knowing it....

Originally Posted by Horace on IRC, getting the layout as close to Pinball Illusions as possible

Left Flipper - (Left Alt) - Left on pad
Right Flipper - (Right Alt) - Blue Button

Nudge - (Space) - Red Button
Left Nudge - (Left Amiga) - Reverse Button
Right Nudge - (Right Amiga) - Forward Button

Special 1 - (Left Shift) - Up on pad
Special 2 - (Right Shift) - Yellow Button

Pause - (P) - Play button
Launch Ball - (Return) - Green Button
Lores/Hires - (Del/Help) - Toggles Lores Hires - Right on pad
1 Player - (F1) - Down on Pad
Originally Posted by StingRay
I'm sorry, but what has this to do with a CD32 pad patch? Emphasis on pad.
you can never have too much good stuff - remember; "contentment is the enemy of invention"

the point is, if you are going to bother patching the pad, so SlamTilt can run on a bog-standard cd32, you are going to want to save/load your highscores too.... ok, its not a "pad mapping" feature, but you cant argue its not related.
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