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most of this has been covered in private conv's etc. but hey, sometimes its nice to have a full list to "check off".

these are sort of strange mixture of bugs / feature-requests.

- "autofire" triggering on in-game controls (tapping any "nudge" button leads to near-instant TILT, whilst flippers make a really annoying buzz sound!)

- semi-unresponsive controls on menu

- space or LMB mapped to Red/start on title/intro screens

- needs patch for Pinball Illusions style pad layout, instead of the Thomas the Tank Engine Pinball layout! (pretty please)

- ESC key mapped to start whilst table is on demo mode (or similar) .... and y/n keys to red/any-other whilst it asks

- highscore name entry & "return" key conundrum to be solved (poss. solution above)

- Save / Load highscores (at least, if not options too) from NV ram

- option to output the splashscreen to lines of text for CLI usage. (there is unlikely to be a mouse plugged into the CD32 if the game is being run on standard machine with pads only... well - if my mum is playing anyway!)

hope you still know i love what you are doing though Bip
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