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Need help re-installing workbech

Hiya all, when i started to use winuae i just copied my workbench and work files from my A1200 and dumped them on my PC. Now i want to do a fresh install of workbench without all the extras i installed (MUI, arq, copper demon, assign z, magic menu, swazinfo etc). I have come to look on my HD and i cant find my workbech 3.1 disks (adfs) I could have sworn i had them on here!. Anyways, i cant be bothered to go up in the loft and go hunting for my real disks as it would take hours sifting through boxes and then i would have to dig out my A1200 to transfer them etc so i was wondering could anyone upload the workbench disks to the zone for me? I already have my 3.1 workbench adf. Thanks for your help guys
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