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hi guys,

i've been playing swos97 for quite some time now with a speed link comp. pro-usb joystick. having wanted to go back to the good, old days i've just bought a couple of wico's lovely red ball-joysticks together with a usb-converter.

as it turns out winaue can't recognize these wonders when having them plugged in + having installed the converter.

i can choose the usb converter in "game & i/o ports" under "serial port" (com7) but i can't find it - or the joystick - (as i'm used to finding the comp. pro usb) under "mouse/joystick ports".

i've been trying different versions of winuae - latest version 1.4.2a.

not even the best wank in the word can compeed with a game of swos with a working red ball connected, so please help me out here, guys. it'd be most highly appreciated. THANK YOU!
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