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Thanks that's great.

Demo: Authentik
Emu: WinUAE 1.4.3 beta 11
Config: Built-in A1200 4MB Fast RAM expanded configuration + JIT disabled
Notes: Copper distortion routine runs too fast with JIT enabled, graphics fail after dancing vector man, music continues to play

It's dumping you to the initial shell because when you attach an archive to WinUAE as a hard drive no startup-sequence is auto-created (run Authentik manually and it will work). If you attach the Authentik executable itself as a hard drive then DH0:S/startup-sequence will be automatically created with "Authentik" as the contents thereby causing the demo to start (incorrectly I'm afraid). Unfortunately this highlights another problem, Authentik appears to only run correctly after kickstart has opened the initial shell, I avoided this by repacking to a zip that includes an alternate startup-sequence (uploaded a copy to The Zone).
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