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Ya' like it Retr0?
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you know thinking about this, I think you have touched on something thats a really good idea...

IF you had a joyprefs program that you can configure though say a gadtools frontend, where people can assign key / button presses to many events..

is it possible to have a generic model and an extended for certain games, like put in with the WHD packs?... imagine not only slave prefs but a joyprefs file to load and then one can easly edit the vaules.?

sounds cool bipstah... i look forward to seeing what asm mischeif you have mystically put-together..

i can see it now in leet forums across the web...

"yeah... yeah... but to realy appreciate it.... and ya score count... you need to use the bippy-standard"

hmmm..... looks like you plans for world domination is on track m8y
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