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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
removed file.. found a serious(ish) bug
which one? haha

was pretty good to play once you sorted out the Pinball Illusions pad-layout Bipster.

regarding highscore entries: i am wondering what you or anyone else thinks is a good idea.

the best i can think, is that there is a "pre-set" name which is auto-entered on the highscore (read from a config file or something) - for example... "HH " - and then the red-button would be mapped to "enter" for that particualr moment, but a keyboard could be used (if its there) should someone want to change it.

building a "letter cycling" highscore entry sounds (to me) like a massive task.

oh, but lastly... any chance of saving to the NV ram?

thanks Bippy, this is going to make my mum really happy when its finished
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