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Ah, if only:
@ the time I believe the A3000 was a better machine than the equivalent Amigas. ( gasp! )

The hardware did more as a result of ARM brute-force.
( Made Amiga game ports easy )
The OS was(is) well designed & was much nicer than the AOS of the time.
( Compare WB 1.3 & 2.04 with RiscOS 2 & 3.1 screenshots + apps )

If only it was all backed-up with a chipset as cleaver as the Amiga one...
( and of course better management! - how familiar is that? )

That's why my computing past is firmly Acorn & not Amiga.

So why am I posting on the EAB?

It's interesting what time proves:
AmigaOS was(is) a work of genius. It's architecture remains ever-green, coherent, expandable, useable, despite years of neglect.

RiscOS is also very good ( especially the interface ) but time has revealed it to be more of a workman-like job that has kept up by dint of continuous ( slow ) development.

I bumped the thread because I like the 'lost computers' thread idea.
The one I know best ( Acorn ) has already been well covered.
Any takers for a Sharp x68000 write-up?
( The best system never to be seen outside Japan? )

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