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Hey guys

As alot of you know i've been learning asm, and here is my first program (Well I say first, as Stingray helped me with a heck of a lot)..

This program allows the player to use a CD32 joypad with Slamtilt and works on the main menu and in game.

There are still limitations that I am working on fixing (No support for >1 player, not able to quit tables), but the point is to get some feedback on what is done so far

Instructions are included inside the lha archive, and it also includes what I plan to add

Thanks to Stingray is an absolute must as he has helped me with most of it, and helped me overcome and understand asm better

Thanks must also got Andre Barton. This program is based on his Slamtilt CD32 Pad patch, which unfortunately doesn't support the menu, so the game cannot be started.

Anyway test away, and i'd appreciate if someone could test on a standard cd32, and give me some feedback..


Here is the readme

SlamCD32PAD v0.1b ©2007 Bippym & Stingray

This patch allows the use of a CD32 pad with slamtilt and is currently in its beta stage.
I will not be held responsible for any damage this program might cause to
you, your amiga or anything else. You use it at your own risk.

Currently the menu is patched and most of the game keys are patched to pad buttons, but there are a couple of keys that are not yet

The following keys are patched:

Main Menu:

Up --> Joypad up
Down --> Joypad down
Select --> Red Button

In Game:

Left Flipper - (Left Alt) - Left Shoulder Button
Right Flipper - (Right Alt) - Right Shoulder Button
Nudge - (Space) - Up on Pad
Left Nudge - (Left Amiga) - Left on Pad
Right Nudge - (Right Amiga) - Right on Pad
Special 1 - (Left Shift) - Yellow Button
Special 2 - (Right Shift) - Green Button
Pause - (P) - Play button
Launch Ball - (Return) - Down on Pad
Lores/Hires - (Del/Help) - Toggles Lores Hires - Red Button
1 Player - (F1) - Blue on Pad

Currently selecting more than 1 player and escaping out of a table is not supported
but is being worked on.


Simply copy the SlamCD32pad program into the same directory as Slamtilt
(The file GAME.EXE should be there)

To launch from WB copy the SlamtiltCD32, and SlamCD32Pad into the
slamtilt directory and double click the icon from the game dir.

Please email all bug reports,suggestions to: giving me as much
information as possible (Amiga/CD32 specs)

Ensure that the game hasn't got an options file within its directory. If it
has then delete it. That is the prefs file to say the keys have been reconfigured, and will interfere
with this patch.


* Add support for >1 player
* Add Escape so we can quit a table (perhaps left mouse)
* Find an alternative to the requester, keeping mem to a minimum (shell/cli output)
* Make it WBStart (run from an icon aswell as cli)
* Have the game ignore the options file if it exists (patch loading to just rts) maybe
* Fix game problems when starting from a non-native display (waittof)
* Make it configuarble, so player can decide what buttons do what

Greetz & Thanks:

Thanks to Stingray, whom without his support and help would have meant this
wouldn't have happened.

Thanks to Andre Barton for his program SlamTiltExtraButtons which is where
the idea for my patch came from. Andre's patch only patched the ingame
keys, not the menu, meaning it was a pointless patch for CD32 users.

Thanks to anyone who beta tests this

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