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Originally Posted by Devilmarkus View Post
mr_0rga5m: I think that you have an old PC
But the game is limited to 10/15 fps like the original.
I adapted it from the Amstrad/Schneider CPC.

Hi Devilmarkus

Sorry for my rude comment, but for me it is unplayable.
The PC i tested it on is a AMD X2 DD4400+ gf6800 2g ram etc.. So old but not that old.
Do i need to switch to my Intel Core2 Quad Q6600 gf8600 gt 4g ram ?
I think the chunky colours that 'shimmer' on TFT LCD whilst jerky scrolling was the put off for me.
The shots of the new ver look brilliant tho. Beautiful gfx there. Cant wait for that one.

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