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Originally Posted by lloyd
Are you saying that nobody actually knows who ownes the right to the Amiga Kickstart?
Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Surely Cloanto do? And/or Amiga Inc? Or is it not quite that simple?
Not quite that simple. Gateway still owns the patents to all Amiga IP (including the kickstart roms presumably). As part of the purchase from Gateway in late 1999, Amiga Inc. (formerly Amino Developments) was only given a license to all Amiga patents.

Since the buyout, Amiga Inc. have only sub-licensed the kickstart roms to Cloanto for the Amiga Forever package (whether they have done so legally is dependent on the contract of sale with Gateway I imagine since they don't own the IP). The deal with Cloanto probably doesn't prohibit Amiga Inc. sub-licensing the kickstart roms to others willing to stump up the cash for a license (unless Cloanto paid for an exclusive license, which I don't think was the case).

Many people believe that Amiga Inc. own everything Amiga- it's not true (well, AFAIK). Even Bill McEwen admitted to as much in the first executive update he released after the "buyout" from Gateway:

For those who can't be bothered following the link to the executive update, McEwen says that they acquired from Gateway:

1. All trademarks logo's etc.
2. All existing inventory of Amiga International
3. All existing licenses.
4. License to All Amiga patents (Gateway still owns the patents, but we are able to use them).
5. All web sites, and registered domain names.
6. The Amiga OS and all that is associated with the OS.
7. The Amiga operation as it exists today.

Whether Amiga Inc. have done any further deals with Gateway since 1999 to purchase the Amiga IP outright, I can't say. All I know is that Amiga Inc. and Gateway certainly haven't publically admitted to any further dealings.

Hope that answers the question as to who owns the kickstart roms (as well as the Amiga IP per se).

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