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I loved my Archi 3000 running with the arm3 .Damn it was fast as the Zarch game proved - written in basic(still preferred the Amiga version as it seemed more alive).Risc technology was fabulously advanced back then and had the machine sold more and gotten more company support , it could have been unstoppable.Elite was cool for Archi and Chocks Away was rather fun.

It replaced the BBC in many of the schools but was superceded by pc - not something back then anyone could have predicted i imagine.

I got rid of mine after about 2 or 3 years in 1995 as there wasn't much point having it in light of PC's and because i already had the Amiga(always had an Amiga mind).I was sad to see it go because it was always a dream of mine to own one but it made sense in the end.

Good memories much like all the machines you own i guess.
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