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and they said a linux hand held gamming device would never take off....

anyone for a gpx2 ?

I would love to have an Amiga on a Card, there was something done many moons ago but i dont belive it was released to the public damn shame!

i want to have an amiga hand-held, that can have audio - video out, high def gamming and expandable with keyboard mouse! CF/SD a must with a UDM type drive! (imagin PSP but an amiga ) i doubt i would leave it at home LOL

theres a lot of possiblities, the PREtendo Does Suck proves theres a lot to gaming than just a 3d chipset, and the gba still has games made for it.. wich is amazing for the life of that little limmited handheld!

Truth be said, i am not sure really where are with reguards to amiga and its community, the latter i can seiously make judgments on but. they haven`t produced anything, let alone for the old, new or possible... thier hot air has carried them off away to lands not seen or touched ... never never land i think its called.

AROS needs support... it sersiously does (and a decent installer!). it also needs an inline - emulator for 68k binaries. this would seriously spank as an OS especailly if this is transparent!

MMm nice thoughts
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