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I really don't see any point in new hardware* and as for software... it's a 20 year old market that consisted to a large percentage of pirates to begin with.

What would be nice would be free Kickstart ROMs and such, so that emulation could be more hassle free, but that means the death of the Amiga brand one way or the other. Either the company (and certain other entities.) dies and nobody cares about the copyright anymore, or the company makes them available for free, which means they're not making any money (and I personally don't see them making much money with anything else).

(*) The most sensible thing, and something I might actually buy, they could sell would be emulation hardware, "Amiga-on-a-card", and maybe other hardware adapters รก la Catweasel. But I'm not quite sure how much of a market there is for that.
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