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Ah, point made I suspect.

My thinking:
What if fold (again) & get taken over by 'good-guys'?
What would the community want from them?

For me a 'useful retro/hobbyist' machine. ( pref open-source )
What else could they possibly do that would be appreciated & semi-realistic?
There's little point in as an OS company - AROS etc. are already there (sort-of) & a renaissance isn't on the cards.

The expanded old hardware route won't appeal to many outside a forum like this:
'Old', expensive, poor availability, hard to setup, & not so good if you have retro-hobby interests outside Amiga.
WinUAE is fantastic, but there are plenty here who prefer something 'real' never mind nostalgics who would never consider dabbling with an emulator.

My point is: What would be for?
The above are my thoughts, what I'd put my hand in my pocket for - how about others?
Is the whole thing now surplus to requirements?

'feels like an amiga'? - It looks like an amiga, it behaves like an amiga - it *is* an amiga even if there is nothing of C= in it.

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