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Hopeless Dreaming

I know threads like this turn up with monotonous regularity, but I'm curious and wonder if there is a general consensus.
( In the hope that any future benevolent owner of 'Amiga' is reading & takes notice )
-Mods feel free to delete if you've had enough of this stuff-

My wishes?
A new retro/hobbyist computer based on Amiga ip ( open source ).
1) I don't care what it's made of as long as it 'feels like an Amiga'.
eg: Hardware/software/emulation, in combination if necessary.
2) It's compatible enough to do all my retro-Amiga stuff on.
3) It's powerful/flexible enough to do other (gasp) retro stuff on.
4) It's NOT attempting to be the next big thing!
ie: I'm not daft enough to wish for a 'doze/Mac replacement, BUT:
5) It's sufficiently well supported that I can do 'normal computer stuff' on it when I can't be bothered to: 'fire-up the x86 box just to surf the web'.

Hell:- There's a guy who single-handedly wrote a multitasking OS for the CPC/MSX that has a modern browser for God's sake! ( in alpha )

6) No more broken promises! Yes, I know: That's really hoping for too much!

It would be nice to have a flexible hobbyist system for general playing. I think the Amiga could be a good basis.

Other opinions?
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