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Artist wanted for Amiga front end

Hello folks,

I've finally decided to dedicate a bit more time to this now that the whdload packs are running at a steady pace and most of the decent games are done.

I won't be stopping with them though so don't worry.


I have an Amiga front end that I've created in AmigaE.

The background to the menu is an iff picture, with a predefined palette of 256 colours.

The palette was created using 200 screenshots from HOL, combined in to one large collage and then selectively reducing the colours down (using various art packages to get the best) to 256.

Pretty much every HOL screenshot I've reduced down to my set palette still looks pretty darn good.

(I do have permission from the HOL team for this by the way )

The screen resolution is fixed at 640x256, so the background needs to be the exact same size.

The current background looks a little lacklustre to say the least so I need someone to "come onboard" to do some artwork for it.

The front end will be "skinnable", and I was thinking of having a few different themes in the first release.

Something along the lines of Chaos Engine (character select screen), Speedball 2 (Shop/Upgrades), Xenon 2 (Shop).

I think they'd look awesome for it.

I may be wanting a few other bits of artwork for it, such as image placeholders, menu placeholders, a splash screen (that you can turn off), "artwork not available" image etc. etc.

I'm not looking for any kind of 24/7 support here, just someone who can come up with some nice looking ideas within the constraints of the Amiga.

We're looking at a maximum of 20 or so pics for now!

Oh and by the way, even if there is no interest in people using the front end, I still want some help because I'll be using it on my A1200 regardless and I want it looking spanky goddamn!
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