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Hello there Boomtopper

okay, some have been making the ringtones by sampling the output from WinUAE, and then converting this to MP3 and editing it for length.

We try an keep the ringtone under 40seconds, unless there is a request now and then but generally 20-30 seconds is plenty for a ring tone.

However the method I use is a little different.

I use a program called MOD PLUG and it actualy plays the mods as protracker or octamed would on the amiga. from here i edit the sequence and if need be rewite and or re-sequence to obtain as much a flavour of the the music i can for 20-30 seconds. once I am happy that it makes not only sence but a good ring tone I then save it out as an MP3 56kbits (as the amiga audio is only half that, its a lot of zero padding but arguably sounds a litle better lol)

okay wich ever you decide, PM me and I will add you as a contributer and

To get the mods I download them from here :-
linkie 1.

you might want / need MODPLUG, so i have uploaded it to the retro-ringtones server

linkie 2.

If you want to know whats been done already have a look here, this shouldnt stop you from making your own version of course.

Linkie 3.
Retr0 ringtones: Featuring Amiga Ringtons

so go find yourself a track / game you like the music from and download it from lnkie 1. and then unpack and mod in linkie 2. then save as mp3 and upload to linkie 3.

ahhh the three linkie step program of retro-ness... i love it.

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