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LMFAO!!!! to damn funny... the only problem with kicking an ass (like billy mcewen) is that you could most likely lose ones foot / calf, thigh... whole leg really right on up there. LOL

@Graham Humphrey
indeed thats exactly what the Omnipotent Boing Ball says too.... just click the link

hmmmm just how many.... this indeed would possilbe be one for the guiness book of records... hmm.... if we said a conservative 3 per day. thats 1,095 per year. wich is 10,950 in the last ten years that have had thier salads tossed by Bill "Two More Weeks" McEwen and Fleecy "Fleec - You" Mossy

i asked the the following question to the Omnipotent Boing Ball "has bill mcewen licked the arse of over 10,950 people in the last 10 years?" its response was amazing....

"Only if there is money or a lawsuit invovled".. hmmm quite a smart boing ball that...
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