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1.44Mb disks of games? On an A500? I think not.
Yeah, that's a fair call. That's just me not doing enough research and forgetting that Amiga disks hold 880KB... I fixed that up though

1991-vintage Amigas are very viable game machines, I still regularly play (and develop for) mine. Chase HQ is much more playable and entertaining than Gran Turismo.
Hmmm well as for the Amiga's viability: they are a sweet gaming machine, and they have gone a long way in a lot of different areas (look at, but claiming Chase HQ is more playable and entertaining than Gran Turismo? Well I agree playability and entertainment is pretty independent of the game's release date, so that's each person's opinion and they're all valid, but in terms of visual and technical achievement and attention to detail, Gran Turismo is definitely the winner.

You should not have gotten the Amiga community's hopes up that there would be a Chase HQ 3, if there was not to be one.
Just like we shouldn't have got the Gameboy Advance community's hopes up that there would be a version of Microsoft Office available for GBA in the coming months? Our site is about parody. I suppose The Onion shouldn't misinform people either? If you couldn't figure out it was a joke then you probably shouldn't be commenting on it

Maybe you should spend your time coding it instead of writing offensive articles.
Like I said earlier, I've been spending a lot of time developing 2D and 3D car racing games:

And come on, was the article really OFFENSIVE? You want OFFENSIVE? Look at Goatse.

(WARNING: Do not look at this.)
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