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How do i find out what ip address the router has assigned the Amiga?

Is there a ipconfig command like on the pc?,

Once i know the amiga's ip address can i ping it using my laptop? Even though the laptop isnt directly connected to the Amiga.



This is really pissing me off now,

Right ive try a adhoc , Ive set up a wireless adhoc connection on my pc called it Amiga and set a wep key, then in shell ive put Setprism2defaults SSID Amiga Key XXXXXXXXXX Adhoc, Then on miami in interfaces i put in sana 2, Change drive to prism2.device, Queried device which works ok, Then i put in a ip address thats not being used on the network and as netmask and as gateway, Then i click connect, Miami connects straight away, Then on the pc the Amiga network springs into life and connects but it always says limited connectivity,if i look under network properties it says ipv4 and ipv6 limited connectivity, Tried pinging from pc to amiga but no joy,

ALso tried to connect direct to the router, setprism2defaults SSID Netgear key XXXXXXXX, Same settings above accept i leave the ip,netmask and gateway as dhcp click connect and it connects instantly, So it must be getting the info from the modem, still it wont connect to the internet.


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