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Genesis & FTP Questions...

After announcing how clever I was to set up my ADSL Router with my Amiga I now find that I have a problem - I hope it is a simple one...

Basically I have an ADSL Router connected to a hub.
Then I have a laptop, a desktop A1200 and my A1200 Tower all connecting to the hub.
They all have IP and can browse the web, so ok so far...

I want the Amiga's to connect to each other via FTP, not so bothered about the laptop.
All machines can ping each other BTW.

Both Amigas are connected via Genesis but when I try to talk to one via the other with MFTPII or AmFTP the Genesis window reports an error stating that the connection via port 21 and 23 is rejected...

It must be a security setting within Genesis I assume - I had a look at the ADSL/Router settings and nothing seems blocked there...

So how do I allow the two Amigas to talk to each other via FTP and how do I configure Genesis to allow them to do so...??

Any ideas or solutions would be most welcome.

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