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Organizing adf/rom collection


actually i have some cds full of adf, adz, zipped adf, and so on.

As i would like to copy 6 or 7 cd ( some 5 years old, 1 magnex is already damaged at the end ) to a single dvd I would like to organize in a better way. Now every cd has the dir amiga with games, the dir amiga with programs, amiga demo and so on. Maybe there are even dupes. Suggestions?

Point 2, together with amiga stuffs, i have also not so few roms for nes, snes, megadrive, a2600 and so on... And even something like 70 mame roms, that maybe are no more working with newer emus...

I can copy everything on dvd making a dir for every cd ( cd1 cd2 cd3 and so on ) with the original content, or i can do something better, iirc there was a renamer or something like that... I don't recall the name.

Thank you in advance.
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