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Maybe not the best deal ever but last night I changed a fully working A3000 desktop with extra Micronik tower+7 slots busboard and some Zorro cards and brandnew/old stock scsi rewriter and some 9 Gb scsi drives for a working Efika board with Radeon 9200 and tthe promise to help me install it into some box/tower/whatever and the knowledge of how to use Linux
I do know the actual value of an A3000 D and I did buy the tower for 70 Euro including shipping (no A3000 motherboard inside, just the tower) and I do know how much a 2 Mb Ram card and Evolution scsi card and MultiFaceCard3 and Vlab V1.0 and other things may cost, and I know very well that the actual value of an Efika is much lower but on the other hand I look at this clubmember with a lot of respect, being a Mac + Amiga user, lotsa knowledge of networking and being an admin on AmiWeb ... so from that point of view I don't mind at all. Not everything has to be based on profit, does it ??
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