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Originally Posted by Raffaz View Post
Originally Posted by Raffaz View Post
Do you think i should swap the HDD out of the 1200 and put in the CF card?
Yepo i sure do CF is better, faster and a lot less noiser than a harddisk!

(also gets extra style points)

Originally Posted by Raffaz View Post
Also, is it worth upgrading to even more RAM on this card, and if so, what type does it take. Cheers. Looks like im gonna be selling my 600 now.
Apollo's Initially can only hand upto 32MB of ram. they can be a little fussy of what ram at what speeds, but Any good quality ram at 60 - 70ns Apollos seems to like. (well my two here do!)

if you want more memory then 32mb of ram you will need to fit a 72pin socket to the adapter board, its not difficult if you are half handy with a soldering iron.

and indeed you are a bit of a jammy git! just 10mile up the road... sheeesh....
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