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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post
espceially when i have just seen an apollo040 sell for £100 on its own!

I love the apollo 040's there so simple to upgrade!

three steps to Apollo upgrading
  • 1. fit a 3.5v regulator (£10) (theres pin holes on the board)
  • 2. buy an 060, thes come up every so often on fleabay for arround £40
  • 3. buy a 100mhz crystal wich is arround £10.
all you need then is a ROM update on the accelerator card and WHOOT!you have apollo 060

ahhh yummy...
Is this similar then?

Do you think i should swap the HDD out of the 1200 and put in the CF card? Also, is it worth upgrading to even more RAM on this card, and if so, what type does it take. Cheers. Looks like im gonna be selling my 600 now.
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