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Originally Posted by Thalion View Post

I'm don't want a super Amiga. (Would definately like though) but i want the power you can get from actual PPC processort and some two or three year old model of that cpu. I don't think thats too much.
I doubt Microsoft would worry about a new Amiga. Their power is far too big to get panic when a "new" computer platform would be sold.
True, the only way to let the m$ monkies run is by some Os that can do all and evrything
From reading most file types to running console stuf.
Having a "responcive" defence. So any hack atempt gets counterd in some way
But this will meen will be way out of the Amiga way

My guess is it would be cool if there would come a Amiga that can run stuf from 1.0 up to 3.1 and then futher whit 4.0 and maybe even a bit higher.
(and whit complete tosec pack)
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