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Hired Guns now up and done with 6 tracks designed for mobile phones

I had some difficulty using ModPlug Tracker, as it inturprets some commands differnetly to the native med cmds. its awkward, so the Hired guns ringtone album is missing an intro track :/ any I could go and use medss but i cannot be arse atm,.... immma all ringtoned out today lol so if theres any takers just pop it in the album

as a small note my post count has lost nearly 400 posts LOL (i had over 3000) so I am assuming its down to a level of Off topicness... so its nice to know that I am only 15.36% off topic (theres some i am sure that dont have any posts now LMAO!!!... poor poor Ironclaw.... alas he posted so well LOL)
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