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To be honest, I have been editing the mods using OpenMTP (ModPlugTracker)

I have been editing for intro's and sequences to make them more mobile-phone-ringy type tunes. the important part is the length.

Both spanner and myself (and some other forum chummies) argreed that 40sec is a TAD to long for a ringtone, so we kinda unofficially adopted an under 40second ringtones.

I have just finnished with Flashback (18 ringtones!!!),

I wanted to do a proper job in reguards to editing and resequencing. Rapheal Guesta (i doubt i am spelling it right) is a bit of a personal hero to be honnest, and the work he done i didn't want to pervert any old way for just a ringtone, so i tried to keep the faith as it was.

anyway NOW onto Hired guns another favy!
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