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Had it done a while ago... but finally got it uploaded

My comment from RAG:

A quickly written comment. (spelling errors and stuff maybe)

This game was recorded on request by one of the members of the RAG site (sign up and post your request too and someone might record it).

When I played this games as a kid, I played as the Harkonnen (my first and only pick, just because I liked the color), not knowing they were the most powerful House. The game was fairly simple. I wanted this movie to be a bit special, so I asked around which House were the weakest, and they all said it was Ordos. Seems like very few people have completed the game with the Ordos. People knowing this also don't play as them just because of that.

The ingame music (the one when playing, not the intro, cut scenes or the outro) in the Amiga version sucks (in my opinion), so I turned off the music in the first mission as I planned to add nicer music later when editing the movie... but sadly, none of my music editing tools like the idea of a 9 hour sound file so I could not do what I wanted. I tried splitting the sound file into smaller pieces, to add music into each one, but had problems with that aswell for various reasons. So... I just let it go and submitted the movie without ingame music . Too bad the music in most of the cutscenes were removed aswell. At least the into and outro has music .

This is my longest movie so far, and it's not that long considering what game this is. I remember I spent hours on each of the later missions when I last played it (as a kid... uhm.. maybe 13 years ago). It was not untill later in the game I realized that I had to build those concrete blocks under a building to get it not to lose health when placed, or over time. I also didn't realize until much later that each time I entered the building where I order stuff, the price of stuff changed. Man, I could have saved alot of credits if I knew this earlier... now I go in and out over and over again till I get a good price .

It's said that this game has some bugs, well, I didn't use any of them... but I discovered the deviator bug on the last level and sort of "semi-used" used it for a moment. I took over an enemy unit and made it attack an enemy thingy, when it turned back to the enemy color, it kept on attack the target I assigned. But when the target is destroyed, it comes for me again... so no biggie .

I completely ran out of credits and spice fields, also had very few units left... but managed to win (close call). I wanted a fancy defeat over the enemy with lots of orni's... didn't turn out like that though.

Problem: And once again, I get sound delay after encoding the movie in MeGUI. The source files didn't have any sound delay, the files after editing them in VirtualDub had no sound delay, when previewing the movie through the avs script in MPC I had no sound delay, BUT, when the movie was encoded in MeGUI; I got sound delay . I tried updating the tools, reinstalling them etc, made no difference. I have reinstalled Windows now and hope my next movie will not have this problem.
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