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Why is kickstart not freeware?

Ok, maybe someone got the copyright on KS. But when I look over there at Pc-DOS-Emulators, I ask myself: why? Why it is impossible to get a free copy of good old Amiga-OS-Roms to get all the Emulators running? Why do some people sit on those rights and cant imagine that because of this, Amiga software will (slowly) vanguish? No disk will be functional forever, and the web only serves you with things when enough people are looking for it.


Ok - said enough, I go playing Monkey Island on ScummVM, Strike Commander, Master of Orion, Cannon Fodder, Battle Isle ... on DOS BOX >

... would like to see the good old parallax scrolling of the shooters again and those soundtracks! But I won't buy the cow when I can get the milk for free.
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