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Should Amiga resurface, should it have new super-features, should it be able to survive and thrive in the current market against Microsoft and others, it wont be the same Amiga as before.

The Amiga "feeling" wouldnt be there, for that feeling is an old one that was imprinted on us during the course of several years with the Amiga, shaped by the circumstances of our lives and the events all around us. We cant recreate the same old feeling with a new Amiga, only experience new ones with a New Amiga. Yes, perhaps some stuff will be very similar to the old stuff, but we cant recreate it to perfection. Its part of a different bygone era now.

I think this will be enough to make the "Victory" of a newly established Amiga-brand of computers extremely hollow and very dissappointing for anyone with the main aim of experiencing the "old feeling" again. I think that many of us wouldn't actually feel anything special with a new amiga other than few heavy sighs of nostalgia.
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