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Originally Posted by BuZz
All i saw was a pic which said "reload" to continue or something. I reloaded, and now I can't view anymore ..
Nobody else has reported any problems like that, what does the red bar at the bottom of the screen tell you?

not that many bots index images anyway surely ? (and the ones which do should obey robots.txt).
Search engines should obey, bots designed to leech an entire site won't.

edit: Oh, and if you are doing this to stop people leeching the entire site, why not offer a torrent of the images ? I would be happy to seed such a collection.
We have better things to do with our time than make up hundreds of torrents of the images. The site is constantly changing with more and more stuff going up all the time. Whatever we put in a torrent, someone would bitch about it (eg. naming system used, pages with ads missing, certain scans being poor quality etc). It's just not worth the hassle. The current system allows us to upload scans as and when we can, and not to worry about time-wasting useless stuff like maintaining torrents.

The goal of the site is so you can find scores from reviews (shared with HOL), and link to the review or article you want to read if we have them, not to preserve every page of every Amiga magazine issue.

A lot of the magazine scans you can get yourself by supporting Mort and buying a DVD with them on. There are DVDs of The One, Zzap, C+VG, ACE, Zero, early CU's etc. The current system means people that just want to view the odd review or issue can do so easily, and people that want to leech all the scans will hopefully find it easier to support Mort.

Incidentally, the last email contact I had with Exotica was you guys promising to put the Final Over mods I sent in 2005 into Unexotica soon and they are still not online.
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