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Originally Posted by OddbOd
simply enter 60HzEmulator and hit enter, the program should start
it says "installed" and then i'm right back at command prompt. do i enter another command?

Originally Posted by OddbOd
and pressing <LEFT-ALT>+<LEFT-SHIFT>+<CTRL>+0 toggles between 50Hz and 60Hz modes.
how do you know which mode it's in? nothing noticeably happens except for a brief flicker. anything left prior to inserting random PAL title & reseting?

Originally Posted by OddbOd
What happened with Degrader? Did it not work or haven't you tried it.
it worked under WinUAE but only after a single reboot. i'm sure i can at least get the same result on my "ECS" agnus a500 NTSC model

i also own an "OCS" chipset a500 NTSC model which is why i'm hoping this particular tool works.

incidentally, what key combination to press for warm boot on WinUAE?

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