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I've amazed many of my friends showing of capabilities of my Amiga. I remember a friend looking at the screen with an opened mouth while my A1200 was displaying a demo. He had a rather advanced pc at the time with huge 16mb memory and 486dx266 and sounblaster16 We used to play adventure games with him a lot.

Another friend was so upset that the Soundblaster pro did not output sound as good as my a500+

One day the balcony door broke and fell on my A1200 breaking the table under it and breaking the ground a bit also. The A1200 had a smashed floppy. Other than that it was perfect

Showing a friend my A4000T playing VCD to a huge TV via Peggy+, showing a chroma keyed realtime video via my Vlabmotion to a small tv, playing colonization on an amiga monitor, playing an mp3 via delfina lite, and browsing the net via IBrowse without any speed hit all at the same time. He was like "I thought Amiga was a game computer" He really was surprised. He said he didn't think a computer could do this. Actualy I was surprised too because it was the first time I was trying it

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